Kamiko® the new design paper from Schleipen. Pure feel!

Drucker und Verleger Gerhard Steidl © Foto: Markus Jans.

Printer and publisher Gerhard Steidl © Photo: Markus Jans.

Anyone who puts his work on paper presents himself “close at hand”. Which paper is selected for books, magazines, business equipment or brochures should be well-considered. Because it is not just the function that should be taken into account when choosing a paper, also the feel of the surface should be harmonious to create a successful appearance.

About 1000 years ago, the Japanese began producing garments from paper. The kamiko (kami = paper, koromo = monk’s habit) did not make it to Europe. One thousand years later however, the idea has raised enthusiasm and inspired us to design Kamiko®. Jointly developed with Gerhard Steidl, Kamiko® with its fine pored textile structure now provides the perfect substrate for the exclusive ideas of the world’s best designers.

Distribution partner for Germany, having Kamiko® on stock, is the Papier Union GmbH.