1. June 2008

New automated packaging plant for recently acquired cross cutter


The Schleipen paper mill equipped the sorting cross cutter installed in 2006 with an automatic packaging line.

Quality and capacity of the plant allow Schleipen to undertake, besides the provisions of own formatting tasks, contract services of the highest quality.

Please contact us if needed.

11. April 2008

Black figures despite price fluctuations

In the 2007/08 financial year, Cordier managed to overcome the difficult phase after the provisional insolvency without any significant job cuts. Revenues indeed grew to around € 65 million, but were countered by the exchange rate and price fluctuations for energy and commodities. Thanks to the high savings of costs by the power generation from steam and the renunciation of an annual special payment by half of the workforce, the company is now on solid ground. The utilization and the focus on the market in Germany and Western Europe are positively viewed by the management and 170 employees in the Palatinate.


10. March 2008

New high-speed cutter for Illig’sche paper mill

After two days of disassembly and assembly in early March, the new high-speed cutter of the brand Polar 155 XT could be put into operation in Mühltal. With it, the increased volume growth will serve the customers better and furthermore, the work is now much more efficient than with the now replaced slower predecessor model.